Mexican singer- songwriter based in Montréal .

  • Style:

    ULTRASONIK/ Raggae/ Live Vocal

  • Location:

    Montreal, QC


Mexican singer- songwriter based in Montréal . Has a unique style that combines her rock-pop roots with electronics, jazz, funk, dub, and even opera, something she likes to call ULTRIP-HOP . First steps for her on a scene were in 1996, in Mexico City, as an opener for the legendary band Garbage, when she was only 17 years old. Today she plays electronic instruments as genuine toys of creation, having the skills to make her percussions blend with world beats in a very deep organic mode. Karina’s voice gets to improvise the most unexpected vocal combinations in every one of her performances and can truly bring you to an ULTRASONIK dimension with this universe of hypnotizing melodies harmonies and sounds a journey with a multicultural perception of human kind but also outer space adventures and love stories. Her lyrics have an important message to be heard a vision from a female songwriter that is also an immigrant, a teacher, a mother and a voice that believes in love and in a collective conscience evolution following her Aztecs and Mayans ancestors. ULTRA K has collaborated with musicians, artists and dj’s from Canada, Europe and Latin America in a wide variety of music Festivals. She has the influence of artists like Bjork , Goldfrapp, MIA, Lhasa de Sela, just to mention a few.