RAWBEATS ~ Otherwise known as Robbie Sheaves,

  • Style:

    Drum & Bass/Jungle/Uplifting /Breaks/Down tempo/Mash-Ups

  • Location:

    Halifax, NS


RAWBEATS ~ Otherwise known as Robbie Sheaves, is a 22 year old talented DJ born and raised on the east coast – Halifax, N.S. Introduced to the local underground drum&bass/electronic music scene at a young age and taken under the wing of other talented artists in the city, Rawbeats acquired his first set of tables at the age of 15 and hasn’t looked back since. Through dedication and copious amounts of time spent practicing and fine tuning his craft, Rawbeats found his passion through expressing himself through his unique and adorned style of music that has gained quite the following. Rawbeats himself admits that one of the driving forces behind his pursuit as a DJ is the joy he derives out of making other people relish and delight in his very own created liquid gold for the ears. He wholeheartedly believes that we are all connected through music and has an abundant amount of gratitude for the gathering of like minded individuals at an event such as Future Forest. Eager and willing to learn the ins and outs of the electronic music scene, Rawbeats volunteered at Future Forest in 2014 as well as stage managed at the festival Peace East in 2014 & 2015. With his passion for music and drive for success, Rawbeats has played a significant amount of festivals, house parties, bars and pubs across the maritimes over the last four years. With his incredible versatile style (which he is known for) and fast technical mash ups, Rawbeats is sure to bring you the absolute finest selection of beats from his top favorite jungle tracks, and his drum and bass jams. His unique ability to keep you moving and grooving from beginning to end, with a few surprises up his sleeve along the way, there is unquestionably no doubt that Rawbeats’ musical creations is a prize piece and his work will thoroughly be enjoyed.


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