A childhood passion for music brought this

  • Style:

    90's House/Techno vibes/ Bassline/Future/ UK vibes.

  • Location:

    Toronto, ON


A childhood passion for music brought this Djs life into the booth. What started as beat boxing turned into an acquisition of a much aspired “Virtual DJ” software. The journey began. He started working in Toronto’s night clubs, playing gigs, progressing to bigger venues. His interest quickly turned towards the underground music scene and thus his style developed into electronic music and DJ Geronimo was born. He was inspired to start creating his own music which he describes now as collective with bass, old school house and hip hop influences.”Going forward, I teamed up with a good friend to create a blog where we wanted to share new, cutting edge music (Noise Freqs). Our goal is to generate a unique and exclusive brand by sharing music from a wide spectrum of genres. We wanted to support local artists and so we launched our first party in 2013. The success was overwhelming and we continued to move ahead with more events, bringing out new artists each time. Music is more than just rhythms and melodies, it is an explosive expression of the human mind and it continues to be a huge passion of mine. I am constantly growing, creating new tracks to make the world dance.”


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