Inner Child Artwork

Inner Child Artwork

“I believe in magic. The magic of

  • Style:

    Live painting

  • Location:

    Sackville, NB


“I believe in magic. The magic of art creation as a form of higher self, as the power to visually interpret, as the voice of the artist that words sometimes cannot express. The canvas, paint and brushes are the means by which I am able to interpret the vibe and flows of energy that I am surrounded by. “Victoria Lynne McHaffie was born in Nova Scotia, by the Ocean, which she will forever call home. Her mother was her childhood creative presence and now she found herself following the same path. She lovingly raises three children, several fur babies and keeps trees as friends; “they stand strong and silent and listen without judgement”.Her career includes having worked for several DJ sets such as Foggy Swoggle and Wobble Wallah at Plan B in Moncton and also Woodsworthy at the Dart Club. Her visual art was present at PEACE East festival and in 2015 she joined the lineup of creative artists at Future Forest. This amazing experience is bringing her back to live painting, drawing inspiration from the forest’s vibe once again!