Incendia Motus (4)

Incendia Motus (4)

Incendia Motus is a fire and acrobatic

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    Halifax, NS


Incendia Motus is a fire and acrobatic circus crew based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Incendia Motus combines the talents of Kyle Scott , Riley Gilchrist, Jasmine Wong, and Jenille Cheney. Together they have toured across the maritimes performing at all types of events from festivals and corporate events.These four performers share a love of audiences; dedicated to impressing, creating opportunities for participation, and going to great lengths to elicit enthusiastic responses from every crowd. From the streets to full – scale productions, Incendia Motus is a versatile and experienced fire and circus performing troupe. They will cover your entertainment needs for events, occasions and celebrations of all types and sizes.