Chenise Haché’s professional aerial career can be

  • Style:

    Aerialist/ Dancer

  • Location:

    Halifax, NS


Chenise Haché’s professional aerial career can be attributed to two things: leg lifts and ABC (always being cute). Chenise prides herself on delivering creative performances with style, grace, and a generous amount of sass. Chenise has been exploring the world of circus and aerial for about 5 years now, performing professionally for the last 2 years. Chenise trains and teaches aerial acrobatics at Halifax Circus and believes in circus as a catalyst for confidence, empowerment, and social change. Outside of performance arts, Chenise works as a Mi’kmaq/Aboriginal Student Support Worker and feels passionate about her Aboriginal identity and community. She believes that being firmly grounded in her Mi’kmaq roots is what allows her to achieve such great heights in all other aspects of life.