House of Phantasia

House of Phantasia

Creative and intricate, a Holland College Fundament Art graduate, this artist is a must watch during the festival. She will be painting live as she’ll be “creating portals of infinite possibilities”. Former exhibits include Art battle events, Licence to chill in Halifax and Baba ‘s lounge, Charlottetown.

Nichole Rose Campbell

Nichole Campbell is a seasoned artist in many different artistic genres. As of late she has developed a passion for painting portraits and runs a weekly Live drawing class at The Center, in Halifax Nova Scotia. She is skilled in the art of Live drawing, photography, water color and acrylic painting of Nature, Animal Spirit Guides and Sacred Geometry and always loves to find new and exciting ways to express and share her passion.


BITS’s live show is a dance party with a mix of projection installations, multi-instrumental loops and rhythmic fast hiphop words and beats, reinforced with floating ambient sounds and a drummer that turns this dance party into a rock show. BITS is also a VJ projectionist to many of the same festivals he’s performed at such as Evolve,Future Forest, Midsummer Madness, AcadieRock just to name a few. In touring, BITS always brings his visuals with him. BITS is compared to acts such as Holy F*ck, Beck, Radiohead, The Roots, Bonobo and Gold Panda.


What’s a festival without an amazing VJ to create and manipulate imagery in real time through technological mediation and what a way to synchronize it to music??? Slightly addicted and now spending way too much time creating visuals and refining his ability to generate new displays for our entertainment pleasure, he VJs live allowing the music to guide the light in reaction to the environment. He’s a crowd pleaser!

Mr Ganzo

Inspired by nature and technology his psychedelic art displays are printed on high quality canvases and large fabric banners. Created over a span of more than three years this “winter collection” will exhibit over 20 pieces during our festival. This artist has been a supporter and promoter of the psychedelic subculture as a member of the Canadian art collective and Voie Alternative where he acts as a spokesman and art director. Passionate about arts and sounds with a taste for underground music he is also emerging as a label DJ powered by Insonitus Records

Visions of Ajra

I work in watercolors & inks, but I love creating in many mediums. Music, symmetry, nature, people, sacred geometry, and ancient symbols are some of my inspirations. Ajra is my Atlantean name, from my first incarnation on Earth, & Jenna Elizabeth Odhner is my birth name. I studied at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon, where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2012.

Ingrid Singing Grass

Ingrid Singing Grass specializes in live, spontaneous, free flow abstract and surreal painting to music and collective vibes. Come paint with Ingrid during the Open Art Jam, or check her UV free styling art on the live art stage and in the Future Forest Art Gallery.

Epic 22

She’s exciting and really good at what she does! EPIC²² is the reincarnation of Sharon Epic. EPIC²² has live painted over 1000 events since 2006. Some of the events she paints include music festivals, raves, fundraisers, conferences, weddings, receptions, demonstrations, birthday parties, schools, stand up comedy shows, sporting events, political rallies, house parties, burlesque, vaudeville freak shows, circus performers and more. EPIC²² even painted on a nude beach, once. She is mostly the good kind of crazy. See her painting at Future Forest 2016!

Redbush Studios

“Drawing, painting, sculpting pretty much anything I can create; I have always been into art…” The artist behind Redbush studios, Meredith Anderson re-emerged her creative spirit in colorful neon bright paintings, which became increasingly popular in a very short time. After the birth of her daughter she had to trade passions for a while, but now that her daughter grew a little older and more independent, she is able to better blend the two. With more time to let her mind wonder and create as once before, Mer is excited to do some live painting and proudly exhibit her work at our festival this year. Enjoy!


The talented Geoff Rumson is a skateboarder, a snowboarder, and a painter which allows him to be unique and creative. All about good vibes and staying positive he wants to get people feeling happy. ” I’m a groovy guy and I’m always listening to music and this movement flows straight into my art. I like to showcase nature and get people thinking about our world differently”. His art comes in a variety of styles, influenced by cartoons, skateboard art, street art, and realistic visionary art. As he will be live painting at our festival this year he would like to create an acrylic painting on canvas of a Mandala radiating from Earth, and into the dark universe. Stop by to watch him!