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Future Forest Electronic music festival
July 22-25 2016

Wark’s Point – Mactaquac Lake, New-Brunswick




Future Forest is an outdoor camping arts festival with a focus on electronic music. The festival originated in 2012 as a fundraiser for a friend and accomplished DJ, Jay Hamilton, who was diagnosed with cancer. Future Forest proudly embraces the perspective that there are no spectators at the event but rather participants who in some way contribute to the overall experience. Now in its fourth year of operation, the 2016 festival features world-renowned international musicians including Aaron Jackson, CloZee, BUKU, J.Phlip, Mack Instinct, Wax Motif, Wuki and The Librarian. In addition to these headliners, Future Forest features many local and up-and-coming artists with over 80 musicians.

At the peak of the Mactaquac head pond, Future Forest immerses its guests in the wilderness of Wark’s Point camping resort located just outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick. The festival features three unique stages that are built using the natural resources the forest provides. The tall trees and beautiful landscapes are utilized for stage construction as well as the latest sound and projection video mapping technology. An entire team of artist’s work year round to bring the most innovative and creative stage designs to the east coast..

In addition to its focus on artistic stage design and technology, Future Forest presents a wide diversity of artists and performers. Some of these include: live painters; acrobatic and pole dancers; hula hoopers; fire spinners; aerial performers; and installation artists.

Future Forest has constructed an artisan village with local vendors selling hand crafted merchandise including clothing, jewelry, hand blown glass, hammocks and much more. The village will have a small market selling fresh locally grown organic food and also local vendors selling their own unique and deliciously prepared food for our hungry guests.

Not only is there many entertainment options at Future Forest but also a large selection of educational opportunities. The workshops will cover many different topics including music production, art creation, performing arts, self improvement and health.

All of these things combine to make Future Forest a unique experience where participants feel empowered and are fulfilled recognizing their contributions to the festival. Without the dedication and talents of our guests, outstanding available technology, and incredible natural resources of the forest, the festival would not be possible. Future Forest 2016 will exceed expectations and will only continue to grow in years to come.

Above Map

Wark’s Point
Wilderness Getaway

Warks Point Road
Bright, NB

  • Drive towards Fredericton, NB.
  • Follow signs for Mactaqac Dam.
  • Cross over Mactaquac Dam.
  • Turn right onto Rocky Rd.
  • If you miss Rocky Rd, you will end up crossing the river.
  • Drive until the 616, then take a left.
  • You will be on the 616 for a 9 KM, don’t panic!
  • You will come across a fork in the road,
  • with a Future Forest and Wark’s Point sign.
  • Take the dirt road on the left
  • until you make it to the FUTURE!



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Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be purchased at all TicketPro locations, from contacts in each major city or online.

Can we arrive early?
The official gates open on Friday at 12 PM but it is possible to arrive early there is a charge of $20 per person.

Can we reserve a campsite?
It is possible to reserve a site for an RV please email

Where do we purchase parking passes?
The parking passes will be sold at the gate for $30. Parking passes are not required if parking at the gate.

Why do we have to pay for parking?
Parking inside the campground is limited in order to encourage carpooling, maximize space and pay for campground usage we need to charge this fee.

Can I leave the campground and return during festival?
It is possible to leave the campground during the festival; however, we strongly discourage this due to increased traffic, danger to pedestrians and drinking & driving.

Do you have a ATM?
Yes, the ATM will be located in the Prism Village.

Is camping included?
Yes, camping is included in your ticket price; however, the parking fee for inside campground is not included.

What items are not allowed?

  • Glass containers
  • Pets
  • Illegal items
  • Weapons
  • Bad Attitudes

Do you have food or can I bring my own?
Yes, we have food vendors including vegetarian options. It is also possible to bring your own food if you choose.

What happens if I bring glass?
Your glass container will be confiscated at the gate.

Will security search my vehicle?
Yes, all vehicles entering the campground will be searched.

Can I bring pets?
No, pets are not allowed due to the danger to your pet.

I’m an artist how can I play at Future Forest?
Applications are accepted early in year (deadline end of February). If you are interested in performing it is highly recommended that you get involved with the festival.


July 22-25 2016


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