15 Jul 2015


15 Jul 2015

Live Arts


Visions of Ajra

I work in watercolors & inks, but I love creating in many mediums. Music, symmetry, nature, people, sacred geometry, and ancient symbols are some of my inspirations. Ajra is my Atlantean name, from my first incarnation on Earth, & Jenna Elizabeth Odhner is my birth name. I studied at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon, where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2012.”

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Sharon Epic

Sharon Epic is an alter ego of Canadian artist Sharon E. Hodgson. Visit sharonepic.com for her 7+ years long live painting project.

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No Fun Zone

No fun zone is a collaborative live art collective run by Tom and Kayleigh. Their mission is to spread art, colour and creativity to the public.

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Kristen Crewe

“I’ve been painting/drawing/creating since I can remember… I’ve been particularly inspired by animals and nature my whole life so I’m really excited to paint in the Forest. I’ve been involved with/voluteering for Future Forest since its first year and I’m so excited to be contributing in a creative way. I’ll be rocking out with some of my brightest colors and trippiest bits…”

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inner child artwork

Vickie Mchaffie

“Inner Child Artwork reflects the desire to bring forth that childhood delight in creating just for the sake of creation. My works are initially inspired by a fleeting inspiration, that gives life to an idea, that evolves, changes and transforms to become a painting. The works are created with respect for art, sincerity and innovation. Body, mind and spirit in unison. 
My experience with live painting includes working with DJ sets including, Foggy Swoggle, Wobble Wallah and Jonah Hache. I was also a participant in the live art battle Art Battle 360 Moncton Edition. I’m ecstatic to soon add Future Forest to this list! See you in the Forest!”

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Lola’s Heart

Mandy Mchaffie

Lola’s goal as an artist is to keep expanding concepts of the mind, time, space, and heart, while sharing with everyone the awareness of realizing potential and creating a network to support creative dreams so they can become a reality.

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The Big 3-1

The Big 3

Paul Mcallister & Jon Dennis

The Big 3 was born in 2003 out of the need of 4 emerging artists to expose the good natured insanity which dominated each of their lives respectively. However, if 1 is to question any 1 of the 4 of the 3 as to the origin of The Big 3, each will answer in complete contradiction to the other while maintaining an air of true sincerity.

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c jackson pic 2

Caitlin Jackson

“I’m an artist living on the East coast, I studied Visual Art at Canterbury  High School for the Arts and Fine Art at Concordia University. I just finished a graphic colouring book for adults which will be available for purchase July 20th.”

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Ingrid Singing Grass

Ingrid Singing Grass

Ingrid is a Nova Scotian artist best known for her colourful abstract live painting at music festivals, art battles, community events and fundraisers. She’s given several interviews on television and radio about the benefits of art to mental well-being. Ingrid’s artwork can be found on Facebook; at the Insight Gallery in Halifax, NS; the Lowtide Gallery in Bridgetown, NS; and on the website of the Nova Scotia Mental Health Foundation who recently gave Ingrid an award for Outstanding Volunteer of the Year.


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