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Visions of Ajra

I work in watercolors & inks, but I love creating in many mediums. Music, symmetry, nature, people, sacred geometry, and ancient symbols are some of my inspirations. Ajra is my Atlantean name, from my first incarnation on Earth, & Jenna Elizabeth Odhner is my birth name. I studied at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon, where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2012.”

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Sharon Epic

Sharon Epic is an alter ego of Canadian artist Sharon E. Hodgson. Visit sharonepic.com for her 7+ years long live painting project.

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No Fun Zone

No fun zone is a collaborative live art collective run by Tom and Kayleigh. Their mission is to spread art, colour and creativity to the public.

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Kristen Crewe

“I’ve been painting/drawing/creating since I can remember… I’ve been particularly inspired by animals and nature my whole life so I’m really excited to paint in the Forest. I’ve been involved with/voluteering for Future Forest since its first year and I’m so excited to be contributing in a creative way. I’ll be rocking out with some of my brightest colors and trippiest bits…”

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inner child artwork

Vickie Mchaffie

“Inner Child Artwork reflects the desire to bring forth that childhood delight in creating just for the sake of creation. My works are initially inspired by a fleeting inspiration, that gives life to an idea, that evolves, changes and transforms to become a painting. The works are created with respect for art, sincerity and innovation. Body, mind and spirit in unison. 
My experience with live painting includes working with DJ sets including, Foggy Swoggle, Wobble Wallah and Jonah Hache. I was also a participant in the live art battle Art Battle 360 Moncton Edition. I’m ecstatic to soon add Future Forest to this list! See you in the Forest!”

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Lola’s Heart

Mandy Mchaffie

Lola’s goal as an artist is to keep expanding concepts of the mind, time, space, and heart, while sharing with everyone the awareness of realizing potential and creating a network to support creative dreams so they can become a reality.

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The Big 3-1

The Big 3

Paul Mcallister & Jon Dennis

The Big 3 was born in 2003 out of the need of 4 emerging artists to expose the good natured insanity which dominated each of their lives respectively. However, if 1 is to question any 1 of the 4 of the 3 as to the origin of The Big 3, each will answer in complete contradiction to the other while maintaining an air of true sincerity.

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c jackson pic 2

Caitlin Jackson

“I’m an artist living on the East coast, I studied Visual Art at Canterbury  High School for the Arts and Fine Art at Concordia University. I just finished a graphic colouring book for adults which will be available for purchase July 20th.”

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Ingrid Singing Grass

Ingrid Singing Grass

Ingrid is a Nova Scotian artist best known for her colourful abstract live painting at music festivals, art battles, community events and fundraisers. She’s given several interviews on television and radio about the benefits of art to mental well-being. Ingrid’s artwork can be found on Facebook; at the Insight Gallery in Halifax, NS; the Lowtide Gallery in Bridgetown, NS; and on the website of the Nova Scotia Mental Health Foundation who recently gave Ingrid an award for Outstanding Volunteer of the Year.


Performing Arts

Performing Arts

This year at Future Forest we have a one of the largest most diverse selection of artists who will be performing, painting, teaching and creating of any festival on the east coast. Each day we are going to showcase one of these artists.


Acroyoga Halifax

Welcoming back this year Acroyoga Halifax, these performing artists intrigued the crowd with their combination of strength, chemistry and acrobatics. Make sure to catch their performance and sign up for a workshop!



Taylor Zupiter

Introducing hoop extraordinaire Taylor Zupiter ! Taylor incorporates her vast years of professional dance training (modern, jazz and lyrical) and her 7 years of theatre school to infuse, enhance and captivate the audience through her Hoop Performances. 
This expressive and dynamic lady is sure to amaze you and we are so excited to have her as one of our many performers coming to the forest this year ~!


Kirsten Kukula

Kirsten Kukula is no stranger to the Forest. Student and health advocate by day but pole ninja by night, she is excited to be performing as part of Scout Camp at this years festival! Kirsten has been training at Studio In Essence in Halifax for several years and thinks pole is the best way to stay fit and fine. Don’t miss her performance as she spins, jumps, and twists on her AcroPole. (Photos by Ryan Rideout Photography)



Chenise Haché

Chenise Haché is an aerial circus performer and teacher, with a special interest in aerial hammock and sassing it up on stage. She has been training casually for four years, becoming more committed and inspired as time goes on. Most recently, Chenise appeared as the Cheshire Cat in Halifax Circus’s production of Down the Rabbit Hole, and has also collaborated with Mi’kmaq drum group Eastern Eagle for the 2015 Train of Thought tour, showcasing a fusion of fancy shawl and aerial silks performance. She also enjoys hula hoop, pow wow dancing, working towards the never-ending quest for splittier splits, and talking to stray cats.
This will not only be Chenise’s first performance with Scout camp but will also be her very first festival experience!! Lets show her all the love and joy we can ! We are so excited to have you Chenise!



Alicia Rogers

Alicia Rogers is a hula-hooping circus artist that was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since she was a child, she has had a great passion for performance arts and showcasing her talents. She spent most of her younger years performing as a musician at local coffee shops, talent shows and festivals such as the Halifax Busker Festival. She became interested in circus arts, and began her journey as an aspiring circus artist in 2014 when she purchased her first hula hoop and became a student at Atlantic Cirque’s School of Circus Arts. Since then, she has become skilled with many aerial apparatuses as well as becoming a proud hoop performer at local shows and venues around Nova Scotia. Now a year and a half into her hoop journey, she has an awesome collection of beautiful hoops that she brings everywhere she goes. This year, she will be showcasing her hoop skills using awesome LED hoops onstage at Future Forest Festival, ready to make the weekend even crazier!



Scout and Connie

If you weren’t already excited enough guess who’s dropping in at the forest to lead you in a yoga class you’ve probably never yet experienced in a festival setting! Get ready to sweat! 😅
Scout and Connie’s beats and moves!!
If you like your yoga with a mix of bass beats , this class if for you. Connie is all about mixing the bliss of yoga with the beat of soul to create classes that are fun, interactive, energizing and cool. Creator + owner of RIO HFX, Halifax’s most unique movement studio located in the north end where the community is cool, the practice is original, and they aim to spread these vibes through festivals worldwide! Do get ready for some Sweat dripping moves and some heart pumping beats.
This class is more dance + flow than stop+ pose. We will cleanse and ground you while you rock + rump toScoutt’s killer beats.

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Announcing the ever so bendy and uber talented Dislocait will be joining us at the forest this year!
Dislocait is a seasoned professional circus artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mind-bendingly flexible and stronger than your boyfriend, she is sure to amaze you with her high-flying skills!
No stranger to music festivals, she has previously performed at Evolve, Helm, and Shambhala. This will be her first year at Future Forest where she will be performing Acro Pole and aerial arts with Scout Camp.
See you in the Forest!
*Photo by Paul Vienneau 
*Costume by Orphanage Clothing.

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Sunshine Yoga

We are so excited to announce that in a midst this incredible jam-packed weekend will come a unique yoga experience brought to you on Saturday Morning just in time to reground, regroup, and get ready for another day !
Sunshine Yoga (Toronto) was Derived from the coastal jungles of Thailand & traditionally trained in the ancient, powerful discipline of Hatha Yoga. Bringing you an intricate union of liberating movement & danceable soundscapes; Erica Sun & KDZ take you on a journey of physical & mental exploration while harnessing monaural frequencies & the universal power of yoga!




We are Industribe. Our mission is to strike a spark of resistance. We desire to enlighten the artistic hearts out there, to encourage the artful expression of alternative lifestyles, ideas and ways of thinking. At any venue and in every town we ceremoniously strive to rekindle the imagination. We dance to illuminate the strength of people-powered projects. We gather to remind ourselves of our roots and of our ancient ties to the first master of destruction and change- the flame! We ignite a feeling of hope upon ourselves and in those around us. With burning ambition, we wish to be a light in these dark times of wastefulness and competition. We are dedicated to celebrating confidence…
Be it what motivates us, what moves us.
We fashion love to be the momentum that binds us.



Sarah Hoopz

Sarah Hoopz, from Moncton, NB, has been hula hooping since 2009, she was first inspired by Lisa Lottie and from there she has been mastering tricks and pushing her limits with her sacred circle. Sarah makes beginner hoops and teaches 1 on 1 workshops to those interested in learning. She has performed at Inspire Arts Festival (Moncton) and also at earth hour. She will be gracing future forest with her LED atomic evoke hoop and plans on getting funky, while inspiring those around her.
Photo credit is Kenzie Raquel.


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