Future Bus

In an effort to increase convenience and

In an effort to increase convenience and reduce our environmental impact, Future Forest is chartering buses! Below you will find buses leaving from Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton, and Halifax. Ticket price includes transportation to and from the festival. All buses leave on Thursday, July 21 and return on Monday, July 25.

Tickets MUST be purchased by no later than Friday, July 15 in order to determine numbers.

BONUS: Free early entry to the Festival (Thursday night) with bus ticket purchase (Must hold a weekend Future Forest pass).

READ THE FINE PRINT: We reserve the right to cancel the bus and issue a refund if we do not sell enough tickets to cover cost. We have a minimum number of seats we must fill by July 15th. Future Forest is offering this transportation service at cost, meaning we are not profiting from bus ticket sales in any way. Thank you for understanding.


Halifax Departure July 21st 8am

Moncton Departure July 21st 10:30am

Saint John Departure July 21st 10:00am

Fredericton Departure July 21st 3:00pm


Return to Halifax Depart July 25th 10am

Return to Moncton Depart July 25th 10am

Return to Fredericton Depart July 25th 12:30pm

Return to Saint John Depart July 25th 2:30pm

Bus Routes